Latest Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends

Sheer shades, de-cluttering, and patterned drapery are in this year.

Room makeovers can snap you out of winter time blues and in general just make you happier in your home. So what’s hot this year? There’s no better time than now to think about ways to refresh your home this year. Here at Windows and More serving Morgan County, we can help you with all your home interior needs. Here are just a few home design trends this year:

Cover Windows with Sheers

Heavy drapes are a thing of the past. The look now is for more translucent window treatments that provide privacy but generously bring in natural light. Sheer shades or modern draperies add a delicate touch to your windows. Sheers are a very stylish and highly functional option for sliding glass doors, french doors, and large windows. Narrow sidelights and accent windows are easily covered with sheer shades.

Patterned Prints for Drapery and Fabric

Overuse of patterns such as the popular Ikat can lead to them falling out of style. This year, design industry experts predict that we’ll see a resurgence of some patterns that have all but disappeared, but in a different way. More subtle use of patterns such as chevron, stripes, Ikat and zig-zags on accessories, top treatments, throws, pillows and rugs will be in many homes this year. These fun patterns are a great way to bring a color into a room or enhance a design theme. Be creative, but keep it in check.

De-Cluttering Your Home

The trend to live more simply has made its way into home design. Minimalism is in, bringing with it clean, inviting, and relaxing spaces. Get rid of your extra stuff, organize what you keep in designed bins, crates and boxes to create an open and uncluttered atmosphere. Sleek window treatments, soft pillows, interesting shapes, fresh flowers, and earthy forms are easy touches to make your home more open.

Energy Efficient Homes

Not only does an energy-saving mindset help protect the planet, it can help protect your family budget, too. Without energy-efficient window treatments, as much as 40% of the air inside a home can escape through its windows. Duette® Architella™, offers the industry’s highest energy-efficiency rating. Check out February rebates.

Interior Design in Morgan County

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