Inspiring Interior Design

PowerView® Motorization

Sometimes when people need to make a change but aren’t sure what to do, finding out what other people are doing in their homes can be the inspiration they need for their own project. At Windows & More serving the Lake Ozark area, we like to stay on top of current trends and ideas to help our customers with whatever they need to get ready to update their homes. If you’ve been searching for some inspiration, perhaps some of these finds might help you too. Read on! [Read more…]


The Color to Look for in 2020

Pantone Classic Blue

Many people are often surprised to discover that color traverses all industries; for example, the color that’s popular in fashion is also trending in home décor. But once you know the secret, you’ll see it everywhere. And the folks who predict what that color will be name one each year. At Windows & More, we’re always excited to hear what the new Pantone Color Institute Color of the Year is. And we’re even more excited to share it with you. Once you’ve been introduced, start looking around—you’ll see the year’s color literally everywhere. [Read more…]


Featured Artist Series

Design Studio™ Draperies & Roman Shades

We recently talked about The Design Studio™ from Hunter Douglas, and now we want to introduce you to its inaugural featured artist, Rebecca Atwood. At Windows & More here in the Lake Ozark area, we’re very excited about this addition to the offerings in The Design Studio—and we’re sure many of our customers will love these new textiles too. Read on to learn more! [Read more…]


Use Trending Color to Update Your Home

Pantone Color Trends

If your home is stuck in the wrong era, maybe it’s time to update it. One of the best and easiest ways to do that is by adding color. At Windows & More here in the Lake Ozark area, we understand the importance of color in a home and how well it can quickly change the look and feel of one room. However, we also know that many of our customers are nervous about adding color because they don’t know what to use or how much. If you’re wanting to make a change in your home, read on to learn more! [Read more…]


Ready for a New Look?

Slipcovers can change the look of your room

Do you find yourself looking around your home and wishing for a change? Are you hoping for a new look? At Windows & More serving the Lake Ozark area, we know that many of our customers long to make updates but fear the price tag. If you’re in that position, don’t worry—we have some tips for things you can do that won’t break the bank but will leave you feeling like you’re living in a new space. Read on! [Read more…]


Have You Heard About the Color of the Year?

2019 Color of the Year

Each year, the Pantone Color Institute predicts the trending color for the year. It often sets the stage for trends in fashion, window treatments, wall coverings, and interior design. In a home, it can set a tone, enhance mood, and create a space that is unique to the homeowner. At Windows & More here in the Lake Ozark area, we love helping our customers create a space that they’ll love for years to come—which can include updating color. Whether you like this year’s color or not, you might be interested in changing the look of your home. Speak with one of our consultants for ideas on how to incorporate color in any room. [Read more…]


Changing Color in Your Home

Architella® Duette® Honeycomb Shades

There are many ways you can add color to your home, such as through décor, painting walls, or new window treatments. But, how do you decide which color or colors to use in your home and where? At Windows & More serving Camden, we understand that selecting the right color or colors for your home is important to our customers and work to offer options available at a price point you can afford. Speak with a trained consultant today! [Read more…]


The Right Color for Your Home

Designer Screen Shades

Here in the Lake Ozark area, we have the colors of the world around us to remind us of the beauty we can enjoy every day. And some people use those colors as inspiration for how to add color to their homes. But at Windows & More, we often work with clients who are overwhelmed by their color choices and don’t know how best to choose what’s right for their homes. For those customers, we often point out the Pantone Color of the Year, which is the trending color that changes each year. To learn more, read on! [Read more…]


Pantone Color of the Year in 2018

This year, you’ll see more and more purple in everything from fashion to home décor. Know why? Because the Pantone Color Institute chose Ultra Violet as the 2018 Color of the Year. If you’re a fan of trending colors or if you just want to add some inspirational purple to your home, speak to a Windows & More representative here in the Lake Ozark area. We’ll be happy to help you figure out how to include Ultra Violet in your home décor. [Read more…]


How to Decorate a “Man Cave”?

Man Cave

Years ago, the term “man cave” would man a dingy, cheerless space with little personality. But these days, it can mean anything to anyone. And it doesn’t have to be just for men—a “man cave” can be about the comfort of a home, entertaining done right, and a space personalized to your needs. So how about it? [Read more…]